Pathology in Favor of Developing Countries

The Working Group (WG) “Pathology in Favour of Developing Countries” was established in 2010 by a proposal from the Italian NGO "Associazione Patologi Oltre Frontiera" (APOF, "Pathologists Beyond Borders Association"), which aim is to develop projects in underserved Countries devoted to anatomic pathology and to foster local programs of preventive medicine.
The year before, during the European Congress of Pathology held in Florence, Italy, APOF organized a special session to present and discuss issues related to the management of surgical pathology on low-resource settings: ESP then accepted to continue and develop this experience through a WG specifically dedicated to these topics.
Starting from 2015, the African Association for Research and 

Training in Cancer (AORTIC), an important institution formed in 1983 by expatriate African cancer care professionals dedicated to the promotion of cancer control in Africa, was joined to APOF as a permanent partner of the group.
The main aim of this WG is offering space to the colleagues coming from Developing Countries to give them the possibility to present their professional experience and also their scientific researches, and to involve European pathologists in the development of health cooperation projects devoted to anatomic pathology, in order to continue and enlarge this synergy among pathologists coming from different part of the world, each of them bringer of different knowledge.


Dr. Stefano Guzzetti
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ASL Città di Torino – P.O. Martini S.C. di Anatomia Patologica Via Tofane 71
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Past Chair
Dr. Davide SOLDINI
Institut fïr Klinische Pathologie Dept. Pathologie Schmelzbergstrasse 12
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Dr. Giulia De Falco
School of Biological and Chemical Sciences Human Pathology and Oncology Queen Mary University