Autopsy Pathology


  • To promote the role of medical autopsy as a tool for quality assurance and patient safety in health care, to ensure the quality of cause of death statistics, to ¬†improve medical teaching and knowledge , and to guide clinicians in their support of the bereaved.
  • To raise awareness among the medical society, the authorities and the public about the role of the autopsy in evidence based medicine.
  • To improve the standing of autopsy pathology by focusing on quality, education and specialization, and through ¬†broad collaborations with other WGs, associations and societies in all fields of medicine


  • To be a tool for communication between members
  • To organize and participate in scientific meetings and educational program
  • To endorse and support scientific initiatives and research programs

Founding Members
Ass. Professor G. Cecilie Alfsen MD PhD
Doctor Carlos Marques Pontinha MD


Prof. Cecilie ALFSEN
Prof. Cecilie ALFSEN
Consultant, Associate Professor-Department of Pathology, Akershus University (Akershus) Hospital and Institute for Clinical Medicine University of Oslo
1478 Loerenskog
+47 913 66 428
Dr. Myriam Haab
Department of Pathology Saarland University Medical Center
66421 Homburg/Saar