Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy Working Group (EM WG) aims to foster the use of EM in pathology as auxiliary technique both in diagnostics and in research. EM is ideally suited to employ methods that support other techniques, such as molecular diagnostics, and can thus confirm observations from other investigations. Existing and novel developments in EM provide thus tools for extending the spectrum of tools of available to pathologists and guide diagnostics in new fields, for instance rare diseases.

The EM Working Group is committed to establishing an appreciation for the value of electron microscopy in pathology. EM morphology at subcellular level promotes the understanding of pathological lesions and, for instance, consequences of genetic aberrations within cells under pathological conditions. Thus, ultrastructural pathology helps understanding these conditions and improves diagnostic accuracy.

The promotion of EM is achieved through the organisation of meetings to discuss current ideas, interpretations and technologies in electron microscopy and how developments resulting from research can be translated into the diagnostic work. The Working Group aims to closely communicate with its members, the wider community of pathologists and scientists working in the field of EM, and seeks collaborations with national and international societies with a focus on EM. One goal is the establishment of a specialist database with expertise to provide advice for non-specialists and foster collaboration.


Professor Renate Kain
Renate Kain
Medical University of Vienna
Department of Pathology
Spitalgasse 23 1090, Vienna, AUT
Dr Valentina Papa
Valentina Papa
viale Genova, 11 63084, Folignano (Ascoli Piceno), ITA