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  • Professional networking and growth opportunities
  • Bursaries available for the European Congresses of Pathology of the ESP (view Details)
  • Preferred access to the Journal of Hematopathology
    10 EUR per year for the online version
    38 EUR per year for the paper version
  • Project funding 
    100.000 EUR project funding available for the support of projects that advance pathology in Europe and are not in the scope of the scientific research. Contact
  • Financial support for National Societies
    Support of up to 10.000 EUR for any national society of Pathology whose membership in the ESP comprises at least 30% of their clinical active pathologists. Contact
  • Financial support for the ESP Working Groups 
    Up to 2.000 EUR per year. Contact
  • Access to Virchows Archiv

Membership fee

  • 50 EUR per year, which includes the online version of Virchows Archiv
  • 80 EUR per year, which includes also the paper version of Virchows Archiv
  • No membership fee for residents

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