ESP Executive Committee

The Executive Committee possesses full powers of management and administration of the Society, except for the functions assigned to the Council or to the General Assembly. It is composed of at least five officers: the President, the President-elect, the immediate Past President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

The Executive Committee may delegate the management of day-to-day affairs and particular specified functions to either its President, a nominated member of the Executive Committee or a third person. The Executive Committee meets as necessary, in person or via an effective communication method.


Prof. Holger MOCH
  • CHE
  • Chairman & Director - Department of Pathology & Molecular Pathology
    University Hospital Zurich
    Schmelzbergstrasse 12 8091, ZURICH, CHE
  • +41 442 55 25 00


Prof. Aurelio ARIZA
  • ESP
  • Department of Anatomic Pathology
    Autonomous University of Barcelona
    Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol 08916 BADALONA,, BARCELONA, ESP
  • +34 934 978 853

President Elect

Prof. Ales RYSKA
  • CZE
  • Charles University Medical Faculty Hospital
    The Fingerland Department of Pathology
    Sokolska 581 50005, HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ, CZE
  • +42 49 58 32 004
  • +42 49 58 33 748

Past President



Prof. Maria Rosaria RASPOLLINI