The Uropathology Working Group (WG) of the ESP is a heterogeneous group of 82 registered members, including pathologists and pathology residents with different interests, from clinical practice to basic research. Members belong to European countries, but also to North Africa, Japan or the USA. All have in common a dedication to our subspecialty.

The main efforts of the Uropathology WG concentrate on the organization of scientific activities to be presented at the time of the annual European Congress of Pathology (ECP). Special interest is given to organising joint activities with other Uropathology-related Societies or institutions. Our main cooperation so far includes the International Society of Urological Pathology and the Cancer Reporting Initiative (ICCR), which is sponsored by the ESP. More recently we have stablished cooperation with the Section of Uropathology of the European Society of Urology. Activities during the annual ESP meeting include a symposium dedicated to a state of the art presentation of relevant news in the field. Normally, a long course is also presented, usually dedicated to a monographic presentation of a topic, clinically oriented, that helps to improve clinical practice.

Our business meeting is devoted to administrative issues and developing cooperative projects between ESP members or related ESP WGs. The main result of this activity is the cooperation between Uropathology and Gynecology WGs, that produce several joint meetings. Finally, we typically organize a video microscopy activity devoted to case presentations using a novel digital pathology approach.
It is quite important for the ESP WG to incorporate junior pathologists and pathology residents in scientific activities, since they represent the future of our subspecialty. This specific dedication will remain during years to come and encourages “junior” pathologies to participate in our activities.

Other activities of the ESP WG of Uropathology is to give support to other related scientific and educational activities outside ESP annual meetings and on a more national level, with courses in several countries such as Italy, Romania, Turkey.
A project to improve these activities and to reach maximum diffusion is the plan to include an advisory board incorporating representatives of the different National Pathology Societies of European Countries.

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