Giordano Fellowship

The ESP Giordano Fellowship was initiated in 2015. It encompasses a programme for the advanced training in pathology supported by the European Society of Pathology (ESP). The programme follows ESP’s vision for excellence in Pathology for optimal patient care.


In recent decades, great advances have been made with respect to the classification of diseases with the use of more sophisticated diagnostic techniques. In consequence, a wide spectrum of diseases may be treated with individualised therapy. Furthermore, many hospitals/departments lack a sufficient number of cases per year in highly specialised fields, so as to allow  the pathologist to obtain sufficient training to meet the clinicians’ requirements. Pathologists therefore need in-depth training in many fields of Pathology.

ESP has prepared a programme, the Giordano Fellowship (GF) to support education in highly specialised areas. This programme should help young pathologists to get in-depth experience in ESP Advanced Training Centres (ESP-ATCs) throughout Europe. The fellowship is named after Professor Alfonso Giordano who initiated the foundation of the ESP.

Important Documents / Information on Eligibility Criteria

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