ESP Working Groups

The ESP has working groups, most of them oriented towards a subspeciality in pathology, some towards other areas of interest. The working groups are platforms for ESP members with a common interest for sharing expertise and knowledge. Main activities of the working groups are:

  • preparing proposals for congress programs
  • providing ideas for educational programs
  • represent the ESP in affiliated learned societies
    and congresses
  • serving as knowledge provider for the ESP on the
    topics they cover

Each working group is chaired by a member who is appointed by the ESP Executive Councilfor a period of 4 years, following election by the members of the working group. The ESP offers each working group an annual budget to support activities and a platform for a business meeting at the Annual European Congress. 

Chair of the ESP Working Groups

Prof. Pierre BEDOSSA
Prof. Pierre BEDOSSA
  • FRA
  • Hospital Beaujon, Anatomie Pathologique, 100 Boulevard du Général Leclerc
    92118 CLICHY
  • +33 1 40 87 54 60
  • +33 1 40 87 00 77
Autopsy Pathology
Chair: Dr. Cecilie ALFSEN
Breast Pathology
Chair: Prof. Dr. Anna Sapino
Chair: Dr. Beatrix Cochand-Priollet
Chair: Prof. Eduardo Calonje
Digestive Diseases
Chair: Dr. Jean-François Flejou
Electron Microscopy
Chair: Prof. Dr. Jose Lloreta-Trull
Endocrine Pathology
Chair: Dr. Ola Nilsson
Gynaecological Pathology
Chair: Dr. Simona Stolnicu
Head and Neck
Chair: Dr. Timothy Richard HELLIWELL
History of Pathology
Chair: Prof. Gabriella Nesi
Infectious Diseases
Chair: Dr. Gregor Gorkiewicz
IT (Computational)
Chair: Prof. Dr. Klaus Kayser
Molecular Pathology
Chair: Prof. Dr. Giorgio Stanta
Chair: Dr. Kerstin Amann
Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology
Chair: Dr. Paula Borralho Nunes
Pathology in Favor of Developing Countries
Chair: Dr. Stefano Guzzetti
Pulmonary Pathology
Chair: Prof. Fiorella Calabrese
Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology
Chair: Prof. Dr. Pancras C.W. Hogendoorn
Thymic and Mediastinal Pathology
Chair: Prof. Dr. Alexander Marx
Chair: Prof. Dr. Antonio Lopez-Beltran