Gynaecological Pathology

Mission Aims:

  1. To develop scientific cooperation among pathologists who are interested in Gynaecopathology
  2. To promote Gynaecopathology, raising the professional profile of the discipline
  3. To build strong bridges between pathologists, gynaecologists, and all those interested in gynaecological pathology
  4. To cooperate with other ESP Working Groups
  5. To collaborate with other Societies with interest in Gynaecopathology and Gynaecology Oncology


  1. To organise training and teaching programs, sessions at ESP Congresses and in affiliated Society congresses
  2. To propose guidelines, build a consensus and to promote new tools for improving the diagnosis of gynaecological pathology
  3. To foster interaction among members
  4. To cooperate with other Societies and Study Groups


Prof Simona Stolnicu


Dr. August Vidal Bel