Call for Nominations of Three New Members to the Council of the ESP

Dear ESP members,
We would like to invite you to take part in the Call for Nominations of Three New Members to the Council of the ESP.

Present regular members of the ESP Council are:

Prof. Peter Schirmacher (Germany)

Prof. Metka Volavsek (Slovenia)

Prof. Tibor Tot (Sweden)

Prof. Cord Langner (Austria)

Prof. Xavier Mathias-Guiu (Spain)

Prof. Ales Ryska (Czech Republic)

Prof. Holger Moch (Switzerland)

Prof.  Gordan Vujanic (United Kingdom)

In the General Assembly of the ESP in Amsterdam in September 2017, the following three regular members of the Council will demit office:

Prof. Ales Ryska

Prof. Holger Moch

Prof.  Gordan Vujanic 

The membership at large of the ESP is now invited to make nominations for new members of the Council for a period of four years. Nominations must be sent within eight weeks of this communication.

Any nomination must be approved by the individuals themselves and accompanied by an abbreviated CV of no more than one page.

Nominations are sent to the ESP Secretary (Prof. Ilmo Leivo) at:

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