ESP QA Foundation

It is with pleasure and excitement that we can announce the establishment of a new ESP QA Foundation! 

From now on the organisation of the ESP EQA programmes will be done together with the new ESP-QA foundation! 

External quality assessment (EQA) is the challenge of the effectiveness of a laboratories quality management system.

The European Society of Pathology established an EQA program for testing biomarker mutations in colorectal cancer  and non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC). This program aims to ensure optimal accuracy and proficiency in colorectal cancer (Colon Scheme) and lung cancer (Lung Scheme) biomarker testing across all countries.

The practical organization of this European EQA program is done in collaboration with the members of the ESP Lung EQA scheme steering committee and the Biomedical Quality Assurance Research Unit of the KU Leuven, lead by Prof. Dr. E Dequeker. The ESP Lung EQA program works in close contact with Dr. Raed Al Dieri, Scientific Director of the ESP.