Future of Pathology

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the ESP organized a symposium on the ‘Future of Pathology’. This festive assembly of key people from the past and present ESP stimulated reflection and discussion as to where Pathology stands, where it is going in the 21st century and which role ESP can and should play in the evolution of this central discipline of modern medicine, to further understanding of disease and for the benefit of our patients.  
The presentations given during this symposium are freely available here.



Han Van Krieken: Past President
Ilmo Leivo: Secretary
Marco Santucci: Treasurer
Fatima Carneiro: immediate Past President and WGs Chair
Fred Bosman: Virchows editor in chief
Mike Wells: Past President

On 25th January 2015 the European Society of Pathology will celebrate its 50th anniversary. For this occasion the ESP organized a meeting  called ”Future of Pathology” on the 25th January 2015 in Brussels at the Bemanos hotel.  

This was an occasion on which all members involved with the ESP through the years could reflect  and discuss upon the foundation and development of the society. 
The chairman of the meeting  was Prof. Pierre Berdosa – the President elect of the ESP.
The secretary of ESP, Prof. Ilmo Leivo talked about the executive council -the heart of the ESP, on its role and what to expect from its members.
Prof. Marco Santucci, Treasurer of the ESP, explained the functioning, the role and the financial aspects of the ESP office – the nerves of the ESP!
Prof. Fatima Carneiro, current Chair of ESP working groups and immediate Past President of the ESP, explained the role of the 19 different working groups – the muscle of the ESP and how they could be improved.
Prof. Fred Bosman, editor of the Virchow Archive – the brain of the ESP, presented the journal’s position and its future development.
Prof. Mike Wells, Past President of the ESP,  situated the role of The advisory board - the skeleton of the ESP.
Finally, Prof. Han van Krieken, the President of the ESP summarized on the activities of the ESP in relation to the challenges in pathology and its future. 
The President thanked all current and past members of the Executive council  and Advisory board, as well everybody involved in the society from its beginning until today. 

To honor and celebrate all past officers of the ESP – past presidents, past secretaries and past treasurers , Prof. Han van Krieken, distributed  specially made statues, made by the Dutch artist – Carla Wiersma.

The meeting ended by a festive dinner and celebrations in the lovely restaurant of the Bemanos hotel.


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