EORTC Survey: Legal framework for genetic testing in the EU

We would like to invite you to participate in the EORTC Survey: Legal framework for genetic testing in the EU on this link:


This survey is conducted within the scope of the activities of the EORTC and aims to provide an overview of the legal framework for genetic testing in the EU.  

About the Survey:
The genetic testing has become common practice in many clinical trials of the EORTC. Currently, there is a lot of variation in national legislation for genetic testing and a lack of oversight of the applicable instruments. This complicates genetic research as well as knowing how to deal with the results for instance in the case of incidental findings or whether genetic counseling is mandatory. In order to create an overview of national instruments and professional codes or guidelines we would like to distribute a survey among relevant people (i.e. people performing genetic tests and/or people aware of the legal environment).

Completing this questionnaire will only take 10 minutes of your time. Information will be treated in a confidential manner. 

Thank you for your time and participation in the survey!

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