2017 ESP-EORTC Joint Fellowship Awards

“An ESP-EORTC Fellowship opens the door to a career in cancer clinical and translational research“

The ESP and EORTC are pleased to welcome this year’s Joint ESP-EORTC Fellowship awardee, Dr. Maria Urbanowicz.

Under the mentorship of Prof. Jean-François Flejou, the Chairman of the ESP’s workgroup on Digestive Diseases and other key experts at EORTC, as an ESP-EORTC fellow, Dr. Urbanowicz will consolidate her experience and expertise in European cancer clinical research at the EORTC Headquarters, in Brussels for the upcoming year.

On the occasion of being awarded the Fellowship, we have asked Maria to introduce herself:

My name is Maria Urbanowicz and I am the new ESP-EORTC pathology fellow. A medical specialist in Pathology, I graduated from the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland and did my specialty at the 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid, Spain.

This is the just the beginning of my Brussels adventure, at the EORTC and I look forward to contributing with my expertise to clinical research programs. I chose this fellowship program because I am open to new experience and I like challenges. As my routine work as an assistant consisted of reviewing biopsies, I believe that for a pathologist, being involved in clinical research is a totally new experience. This is a big change for me and I will be doing my best to put my knowledge and experience into practice to the EORTC projects.

This fellowship is a fantastic learning opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. I think it is important for a pathologist to get a broader vision concerning research activities and to grasp the role played by diagnosis in clinical trials and the importance of a detailed assessment and accurate diagnosis of samples for a successful clinical study.

I hope to make the most of my stay in Brussels!”

Welcome to Brussels, Maria!

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