The European School of Pathology (EScoP), established in Turin in 1991, organizes annual courses run by international experts for residents and young, dedicated pathologists from all over Europe.

The courses are organized in Europe and taught in English.

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EScoP Ankara

EScoP Ankara 2015:

  • Registration Form
  • Flyer

EScoP Ankara 2012: Information

Escop Ankara 2009: Information

EScoP Belgrade

EScoP Belgrade April 2014

EScoP Belgrade: Update in GI Pathology 25-27.04.2013

EScoP Belgrade 2012: Program

EscoP Belgrade 2011

EScoP Brussels

ESP Masterclass Brussels May 2014: Breast Pathology with radiological Correlation

EscoP Brussels 2013:
EScoP Brussels ESP Masterclass on Breast Pathology with Radiological Correlation

EScoP Brussels 2013: Cytopathology

EScoP Brussels 2012: Cytology for Pathologists. 1st Tutorial

''Practical Approach to the Cytopathology of Breast, Thyroid and Lymph.''

EScoP Budapest

EScoP Breast course 2016: Fully Booked
2-4 June 2016
Registration Form

EScoP Varna

EScoP Varna (2-4 May 2019) Varna, Bulgaria

Title: Update in Breast Pathology

Registration will be closed on 20 April 2018

Registration fees: Pathologist Specialist 140 EUR, Pathologist Residents 80 EUR

Click here for the registration and Programme

For more information send an e-mail to:

Online registration is now open at:

EScoP Craiova

EScoP Craiova: "Update in Head and Neck Pathology"
26th - 29th November 2015

Former EScoP

EScoP Craiova April 2015

EScoP Craiova April and September 2014:

EScoP Craiova 2013:

EScoP Craiova:

EscoP Craiova 29 Sept- 2nd October 2011

EscoP Craiova
30 Sept.- 3 Oct. 2010
Update in Urinary and Male Genital Tract Pathology:

EScoP Krakow

EScoP Krakow 2014:

EscoP Krakow, 16-18th June 2011

EScoP Padova

EScoP – Padova 2019: Lung Tumours: Common and Uncommon Forms

EScoP Padova 2017: Interstital lung diseases Course, will be held on February 9-10 2017 in Padova, Italy

Deadline for registration: February 3rd 2017
Attendees: max 80

14 CME Credits assigned to the following healthcare specialties:

Surgeons specialized in:

  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology

For online registration, please visit the EScoP website



EScoP Pisa

EScoP Pisa 2012

EscoP Pisa, 23-29th October 2011: www.escop-molecularpathologypro

EScoP Zagreb

EScoP – Zagreb 2019: Update in Urinary System and Male Genital Tract Pathology

EScoP- Zagreb Edition 2017: Thyroid Pathology

EScoP Zagreb October 2015Program

EScoP Zagreb October 2014 EscoP Zagreb: Update in Breast Pathology Nov. 2013

EScoP Zagreb 2012: Information Program

EscoP Zagreb, 02-04th November 2011

Escop Zagreb 2010: Oct. 2010: Update in Gastrointestinal Pathology

EscoP Croatia Zagreb, 5th Nov. 2009