Publications Task Force

To fulfill the need for high standard publications that summarize the existing evidence to guide the pathologist’s daily work, the ESP has decided to create Publications Task Force to issue policy documents under the name of the Society.

The ESP Publications Task Force (ESP-TF) comprises in all six people: five appointed by the ESP Council and the Editor-in-Chief of Virchows Archiv ex officio. The current members are: José Palacios Calvo, Aleš Ryška, Fátima Carneiro, Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez, Gábor Cserni, Daniela Massi.

The main tasks of the ESP-TF are:

  • to propose topics for new ESP policy documents
  • to pursue collaboration with other medical societies in this regard
  • to organize the scientific development of ESP policy documents and ultimately to coordinate their detailed preparation

The ESP-TF manages potential conflicts of interest and ensures that all ESP policy documents are scientifically sound, based on a thorough review of the literature. All ESP policy documents to be published in Virchows Archiv will undergo formal review.

Currently, the ESP publishes only one type of policy document named either as “ESP Position Statement” or alternatively as “ESP Expert Opinion” – depending on the particular context. 


Development of document

Potential topics may be proposed by the following parties:

  • ESP Publications Task Force
  • ESP Working Groups
  • ESP Advisory Board
  • ESP Council
  • Editor-in-Chief of Virchows Archiv

The recommendations of the ESP-TF based on the results of this discussion are shared with the ESP Council, which takes the final responsibility for the selection of topics to be processed.

Proposal Form
The formal procedure consists of sending a proposal on a standardized form which is available for ESP members on the ESP website member area. Login at If not yet a member, you are invited to follow this link to apply for membership.

Structure of manuscripts to be published in Virchows Archiv

The title of the document should start with the phrase “ESP Position Statement” or “ESP Expert Opinion”, as appropriate. The preparation of the manuscript needs to follow the published guidelines for an invited review article.

As a rule, the document should not contain more than 4500 words (excluding abstract, legends and references). Figures and tables are welcomed but should only present material essential for the message of the document. Technical help for (line) drawings and graphic schemes may be provided. The number of references should not exceed 75. Any documentation in excess of this quantity is subject to approval by the Editors of the Journal.

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